The Bateria (drummers)
of Vavá United School of Samba

The engine of Vavá.

The Bateria is the heart of the Samba School giving the school its song and sound.

The Motivations of Vavá

The Flag Bearer and her Escort leads the way announcing Vavá is here!



The vigor of Vavá.

These high-energy dancers are invigorating with their powerful leaps and fancy umbrella dance moves

The roots & grace of Vavá.

Baianas captures the imagination with their graceful spins. Their dance represents origins of samba.

The spice of Vavá.

Passistas are mesmerizing and explosive with their charm and their dazzling Samba no Pé dance

The cool of Vavá.

Malandros are smooth, cool and have a stylish musicality to their dance.